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Vcheck Support

Vcheck V200 Installation Guide

Follow these step-by-step instructions to set up your Vcheck V200, upload software, calibrate the unit and run your first tests.

Vcheck Quick Guide

The Vcheck Quick Guide provides easy test sample instructions for all tests offered.

Vcheck Software Update

Click here to download the latest Vcheck Analyzer software updates.

Version 26.10 | Updated 3/15/22

Vcheck Software Update Instructions



Vcheck Canine NT-proBNP

New biomarker for the diagnosis of heart failure

Vcheck Feline NT-proBNP

Initial cardiac biomarker screening for heart disease

Vcheck cCortisol

Hormone marker for Cushing’s and Addison’s diseases

Vcheck cProgesterone

For determining optimal breeding dates

Vcheck cTSH

Hormone marker for canine hypothyroidism

Vcheck fPL

Definite diagnosis of Pancreatitis in cats, feline pancreas-specific lipase

Vcheck T4

Hormone marker for diagnosis of thyroid diseases

Vcheck cPL

Pancreatitis diagnostic marker, canine pancreas-specific lipase

Vcheck fSAA

Feline acute inflammatory marker, serum Amyloid A

Vcheck D-dimer

Highly sensitive marker for thromboembolism

Vcheck cCRP

Canine real-time inflammation marker, C-reactive protein

Vcheck Canine TnI

Biomarker for cardiac injury or damage