About Us

About DD Diagnostics

DD Diagnostics “aka” Daddy Doggie Diagnostics is on a mission to utilize innovative medical technology available now and to bring new technology in development for the betterment and longevity of fur babies everywhere. We partner with leading experts and manufactures in order to make available the necessary tools and to create opportunities to make a real difference in the human-animal bond.

Our cause motivation is helping veterinary professionals move towards a sustainable path in providing veterinary services.

Our Dedication and Commitment

A veterinarian, or veterinary physician, is a medical professional who practices veterinary medicine by treating diseases, disorders, and injuries in non-human animals. You are the experts that works hard to prevent, detect, and cure our fur babies. Thank you! 

Your hard work, dedication, passion, and impact is not unnoticed. We love and appreciate you.

Veterinary Technicians work with a wide variety of species, including small animals like dogs and cats to large animals such as horses, cattle, and other animals too.  

“The Vet Tech can be compared to a nurse, an EMT paramedic, medical laboratory technologist, anesthesiologist, radiology technologist and medical receptionist in human medicine. Vet Techs are trained in all these areas to enhance patient care and to improve the human-animal bond.” 

Boldly speaking, Vet Techs make it all happen. 

The Veterinary Technician can perform many procedures, except in the areas of diagnosis, surgery, and prescription of medications, which can only be performed by a licensed Veterinarian.”  Yet without you The Veterinarian can not do her or his job. You are Awesome! 

You are like the non-commissioned officers in the Military that makes it all happen. Thank you, Thank you!

Not enough can be said or expressed for your willingness to serve and for your sacrifices. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are greatly appreciated and loved. 

Always know that we are here for you. 

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Our Mission

To make a difference in the Human to Human and Human to Animal bond.    

DD Diagnostics is on a mission to develop, nurture, implement strategies and to forge partnerships that will make a difference in the human-animal bond by supporting and providing the necessary tools and resources to the Veterinary professionals that work tirelessly day in and day out.


To bring people together with a shared common denominator; the love of animals.

We are partners. We are advocates. We are contributors to the veterinary medical profession. 

We are dedicated professionals working with family pet Veterinarians, Veterinary staff, Veterinary specialist along with community groups, nonprofits, and Military Veteran Associations. We partner with Canine Dog Breeders and Dog Training Clubs for agility, obedience, and protection.


Our cause motivation is helping veterinary professionals in their work and to assist Military veterans with a desire to work in the Veterinary field so that we can move towards a sustainable path in providing veterinary care and services. We love what we do. We know you love what you do too. We want to be a force multiplier and make a difference where we can in the work that you do.  Contact us, we can help. 

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